February 18, 2010



I'm on fire folks. An awakening on some etheric level. As I said in my last post, I have sudden surge of ideas flowing in....a million tiny seeds of creation germinating...taking root, infiltrating my mind... I'm seeing, feeling, experiencing everything via a pallet and paints and an open canvas...through the viewfinder of my camera, and how my inner world will display on my laptop's screen. I want to take these pieces of....life....and synthesize, deconstruct, reassemble and express. I have my own paradigms and schematics of the soul that I want to articulate through these mediums-a longing that has always been a constant in my life. I'm bathing in and evolving from the works I see from so many talented creators through both the cyber and the real.

With my birthday-and Santa-came new photog equipment: New camera, new laptop, photo editing software to get acquainted with, awesome photo books to devour....as well as a suddenly rekindled desire to paint after a 2 year hiatus. Winning a $100 gift card to Blaine's Art Supply at the NYL Auction Dinner really helped-new colors and fun mediums! Oh, and then there's all those websites and blogs devoted to art, photography, and journaling that have really gotten my juices flowing. Sites that challenge one to a daily , weekly, monthly artistic PROMPT. Here are some I'd like to take on and share here: A Year In The Life, Inspire Me Thursday, Your Life Spelled Out..... so many more.

I need that type of discipline/commitment to hold me in the now. I don't want to loose this new sight, this new drive and passion. I desperately do not want this to slip through my fingers back into the routine. But how to keep hold of this, to compartmentalize it into my life of mommy, wife, massage therapist and keeper of the home? How to tighten up and improve on what I already do in order to allow more creating in? ...How I'm longing for some space. Physical space, to be exact. Enough to hold all my stuff of creation, with room to move, to trash, to explore, to not care where the paint flies...the floor...the ceiling... It's a challenge to keep all this in check while painting in my kitchen! Maybe, someday, a used yurt connected to the house. With an old woodstove and access to the hose. More ROOM where my canvases, as well as my imagination, can become larger, expand farther........ journeying the astral.....