September 14, 2013

Continuing to ride the wave of Something Wonderful

Thus ends Willa's first week of Fourth grade.  Sigh......

(She missed the first 8 days of school due to our trip to Florida to visit family and attend the NYL Council meeting.  Doh!)

 I sit here once again at the office-the Middle Way CafĂ©- killing the hour before I have to go to work.  The coziness of it's interior, the people decked out in rain coats, down vests and cute hats, and the rain coming down outside slams home the truth....ouch..... and shuts the door on summer.  It's over.  And, I think, it was one of the best summers of my life.

 On this day at the beginning of our summer, I committed to trying my best to do something wonderful every day.  From something as big as a road trip somewhere new, to something as small as painting together outside, or trying out a fun experiment.  I'm proud to say that I was able to hold up this challenge pretty much every day!  I can honestly say each day brought some gem, some impetus to keep us on our toes.  There was almost no movie watching during the week and I kept the lap top OFF waaaaaaay more than I have the past 2 summers.  Granted, the fabulous sunny warm weather we had this summer definitely made it easier, but the desire to achieve something new and different happily overrode the desire to frump around.  Fuck that shit.  And, there was the occasional chill on the cozy-ass couch and rest day, that being something wonderful in itself after being hard earned.  I feel renewed and  accomplished.  Like I showed my kid a FABULOUS summer!  MYSELF as well.  We all agreed this was the best one ever.

I have A LOT of back posting to do!  I've been back posting all summer.  In fact, THIS post was mostly written 2 weeks ago!  Rarely has there been a day where I've been able to find the time to write about what we've done!  I'm usually 2 days to 2 MONTHS behind.  I have to finish up on our Russian River trip, our road trip on the Denali Highway, our 10 day trip to Florida...and everything in between.  But I'll plug away.  Now that school is back in sesh, routine kicks in and making something wonderful happen every day would be quite a tall order.  But there ARE the well as finding those smaller gems to enbrighten even the most mundane weekdays. 

There's absolute TRUTH in these sentiments: