August 16, 2013

Wilson's Warbler

Well, it's certainly not a wonderful thing when a bird smacks into one of our many big windows, but sometimes it offers us a chance to show a dazed feather ball some tenderness and compassion, as well as a close-up view of the exquisite beauty, delicacy, and HARDINESS of these winged creatures.

Yesterday, the rare (at least up here) Wilson's Warbler introduced itself intimately to one of our living room windows.  The familiar "bonk" sound, mostly heard in the winter when we have the bird feeder out, caught Willa's immediate attention.  "Mama, a bird hit!  It's lying in the's YELLOW! ".  We threw on our shoes, Willa grabbed the camera, and we ran outside to assess the damage.  Awake, no blood, just a little dazed, and indeed, yellow.  Not a common sight.  I picked it up gently and handed it to Willa.  It's talons clung strongly to her finger, a good sign.  It seemed as amazed by her as she was by it.  She gave the warbler some love for awhile and then set up a branch on a stump with some leaves and fireweed petals-a safe comfy place for him to perch while she kept an eye on him.  He fluffed up and snoozed for awhile-they usually do before waking back up clear headed, realizing they are in the company of humans, and flicking off into the distance at the speed of light! 

After awhile, Willa came back inside reporting that our visitor had alighted into the safety of the trees.  Not knowing what kind of bird that was, we grabbed the birding books and consulted Facebook friends.  Miles, the birder, IDed it as the Wilson's Warbler.

August 15, 2013

Unexpected feedback

Yesterday while chatting with a client, she paused and said, "You know, I just have to say that I really love hearing what good friends you and your husband are. It gives me hope...". 

And recently from Dylan, this letter as well as another saying, "I've never seen a couple more in love."

It makes my heart so glad that friends and family -especially our children- can so easily see and be inspired by the love that Miles and I have for each other. 

What comes so naturally and abundantly within us.  I love inadvertently sharing it with all....It's what ALL of us, the whole WORLD, needs more of.  If I don't say so myself.

August 13, 2013

Dead or Alive!

Willa and I got to join Miles on his radio show, Dead or Alive tonight!  His partner is out of town, and since this was Willa's last chance to be on the air before school starts, we thought it would be fun to do a family show.   Miles has been doing the show which features live recordings of the Grateful Dead, Phish, Wide Spread Panic, Pink Floyd era stuff, occasional interviews and other jam-bandy music, for almost a year now and has quite a loyal following for a small city.  It's always  fun to go in with him and help pick out the line up of tunes for the show and chat about stuff on the air.

DJing a radio show revolving around great live music has long been a dream of Miles's.  I'm so happy that he's been given this opportunity!  He's a natural and is having so much fun realizing his dream!

And earlier today...I was able to run 7 miles with no ankle problems!  I AM sore already however....feeling alive, for sure!  hoping it will dissipate by Sunday's half marathon!

Another deck-worthy evening

An impromptu dinner with dear old friends....a lovely evening out on their deck....fresh baked cookies....good conversation......hard to get up and head home!

August 11, 2013

Restorative Sunday

A lovely mellow day today...
Sleeping in
Lounging in the living room
Taking a walk to pick blueberries in the woods
Snuggling on the couch and watching Toy Story 2
Going in to Anchorage to have dinner at our friend's home. 
 A fun lively group and lots of laughs!


Cool enough this evening to wear my neato boots!


Dancing free at The Blueberry Festival

High bush blueberries
Yes, another one!  This one is more about worshipping those sweet, indigo, power-packing, little buggers that are so fun to harvest than it is about the music.  But DeadPhish Orchestra was playing again and Miles had another chance to MC.

We woke up to a heavy downpour and a shitty weather forecast on the NOAA site yesterday, putting a DAMPER on our plans to camp with the Ruizes in Girdwood.  But we figured we're Alaskans and can handle a blueberry fest in the rain if we have a warm dry house to come home to. 
As is typical in Alaska, the weather turned quite pleasant once we reached Turnagain Arm and pretty much stayed that way.  :l 
Never a dull moment on Turnagain Arm
The festival is held in the courtyard of Alyeska resort at the base of the ski mountain.  We perused the vendor's goods, enjoyed lunch and drinks , hiked a little into the enchanted looking woods to pick some berries for  a couple hours before DPO came onstage. 

Compared to the Salmonstock crowd, the Blueberry festers where a bit.....deflated?  Surprising since Girdwood is an arty, liberal leaning, tree huggin' town nestled in some serious REDness!!!  But they LOVES their music happenings.  We've been to a few gigs next door at the Sitzmark where the floor is packed with happy we were expecting the same for outside DeadPhish Orchestra.  Is it because they hit the stage at 5pm instead of 10pm?  Do people really need to be SO primed on booze, weed, whatev to feel comfortable letting loose and dancing?  SAD.  It may not come across on this blog, but I am an inherently very shy my past, painfully self conscious.  But fuck if I'm gonna let that get in the way of me letting loose and doing what my soul calls for!  The ONLY ones up dancing after  the band came on-besides Miles and I-  were a group of CHILDREN.  Running around with balloons, Willa included, screaming, dancing, huge grins.....As I turned toward the audience behind us, scores of people just standing and watching, some bopping inconspicuously to the music, I wanted to yell out all biblical-like,"Let the little children LEAD!!!!  LOOK at these open, free, joyful, UN-ENCUMBERED souls!  THIS truly is LIFE!  It's what it's about!  And ya don't need to be BLOTTO to get there!!!!"

It suddenly dawned on the age of 43.....I'm able to dance freely, heart singing, in front of a couple hundred people.....and not have a care in the world.  I am SO truly grateful that I am finally there! 

"If my heart can become pure and simple,
like that of a child, I think there probably
can be no greater happiness than this."

- Kitaro Nishida

Neato adult blueberry beverage!

Whoa!  What was IN that drink?!  FUNKY shroomz!!!

Dylan's doppelganger!  Willa ran up saying, "Mama!!!  Look!  My new friend looks just like Dylan!!!".  What a flash back!

Berry hunting in the enchanted forest!

The Old Ones....

Fuck, ME!!!  That's one HELL of a mountain bike trail!!!!!!

Gettin' ready!

Dance, Babies!!!!

And who doesn't love a mush of rescue puppies?!

August 9, 2013

SALMONSTOCK 2013! Part deux

The music scene!!  'Twas HAPPININ'!!!!

Here was the main line up:
Brandi Carlile
Trampled by Turtles
The Soul Rebels
Peter Rowan
Great American Taxi
Marty Dread
The Big Wu
Head for the Hills
Larry Keel & Natural Bridge
DeadPhish Orchestra
Si Kahn
+ many others!

Dancin' with my hunny!

Great American Taxi

Church of the Flaming Funk fire dancers

Um...not sure what the babushkas where about...but they had FUN!


Who would have thought this bike get-up would be so exciting?!  Kids LOVED it!!!

Miles announcing and doing a GREAT job!  I would have been shaking in my XtraTufs!

Getting ready to do the annual aerial photo living art!

Waiting for the plane to fly overhead!

"Everyone lay down!"
Our friend, Carl , must have had a great time with this!!!  Miles and I are on the right, 3rd line in from the outside.  See?!

Lucky miles!  I had to slink in between the fence and garbage barrels!

Hanging backstage with Brian Adams of DPO

Willa's favorite, the Aloha Bluegrass Band

Willa's music and movement teacher, Mr. V, greeting his friend, Ms. Drinen!

Huh....the hippies of today?

Me and Miles in 20-30 years!  Nah, we'll be dancing!

Our friend, Steve's, impromptu band, SHUPA

DeadPhish Orchestra!

Miss Peggy!  Willa's Waldorf pre-school teacher!  We Luvs us miss Peggy!

Wet Happy people!  Except for Mr. Bean there.

Brian Adams, you could not be a nicer guy!

Miles Announcing.  Or MCing or whatev they call it!

Me & my activist kid.  WET.

What a friggin character this guy was!  Peter Rowan, kindly decked out in popular local Alaskana-wear!

Lousy camera shot of Miles and I with Peter Rowan! 
Our friend Mike unicorning!

Oh, myyyyyyy!

THIS guy....


Chillin' with my man

Willa REALLY digging Brandi Carlile!!!

Hot stompin' Christ, Brandi brought the house down!!!


Rockin' kids, tired dads!  But what GOOD dads!


Headed home .....