August 21, 2014

Oh...yeah. We're back from Italy, btw!!!

....minds BLOWN by the journey of a lifetime.  But we've been home awhile now.  Time slips by so quickly...and I have lots on my plate.  While I've been dying to sit down and blog about our just hasn't happened.  We've been busy wrapping up our summer that has brought some welcome changes!  FINALLY, I've found the healthy, respectful and growth oriented work environment that I had been trying to manifest for 2 years.  I've moved my massage practice to a wonderful clinic of talented therapists and a chiropractor(who is also a dad at Willa's school).   After being so stagnant in a place where I just didn't fit or have much respect for my profession, I am thrilled to be in a clinic that is so supportive and encouraging!   They are providing me with continuing education in Neuromuscular Therapy and other modalities that will greatly enhance and expand my skillset.    I've been pretty busy catching up on the classes and info that I missed and I'm loving it!  My brain is on fire!
 I'm painting again as well.  I hauled all my supplies out of the house and down to the garage and cleaned out a portion to house a wee "studio".  When it's been nice out, I've worked on some pieces in the driveway.  Still not sure what I'll do when the snow flies....but for now it feels good to have my muse poke her head in once and awhile.
I think another reason that I've not taken the time to sit down and blog our trip is that....I just haven't been able to find the words.  I over-use the word,"mindblowing".  Other words just don't do what I feel inside justice.  "Life changing" "paradigm shifting" "awe-inspiring" "staggering" "humbling"....close but not quite there.  New words need to be invented for what this trip gave me...for what my soul was saying in each moment, with each new experience...
 I have been enjoying writing Trip Advisor reviews of places we experienced in Italy.  If interested IMHO:
Something to get my juices flowing.....our trip in a tiny nutshell....
We watched the morning mist rise on an etheric blue lake bells heralding the day
I drove on impossibly narrow roads on hairpin turns in the Alps
We watched the sun set over bucolic hills of the Val de Funes as the cows were called home
We flew arms outstretched through trees and over San Vigglio... tethered to a wire
We stood in awe of the Forcella Pana....the stuff only dreams are made of 
We ate fresh fruit of the gods bought from an old man's stand on the side of the road on Lake Garda
We slept in an ancient farmhouse on the top of the  medieval town of Padenghe
We swam with  children and swans in the deliciously cold waters of Lake Como
We watched an astounding thunder and lightening storm from a deck high above the lake
We ran through the vineyards and visited hill-top castles in the Langhe valley
We experienced the quiet majesty of Milan's Duomo cathedral...and the melodious onslaught that is a Pearl Jam concert
Our bodies where pummeled and rolled by the powerful waves of the Mediterranean
We climbed in the terraced mountain vineyards high above that sapphire blue sea
We found treasures offered up on it's beaches
We touched walls built before Christ in Tuscany
We whispered in the halls of Saint Francis's monestary
We wound our way through the labyrinth of Venice and were rowed on its streets of water
We ate the most incredible food
Drank fabulous wine
We had great visits with Dylan
and we met wonderful people that make us want to live a better better people...

The Forcella Pana

With the summer coming to a close, school starting for Willa tomorrow, and easing into a more solid routine...I know I will find the time to sit and write of our travels at more length.  Before those small details start to drift that I can always remember.
BUT!!! Not until after the 29th.  Cuz Miles and I are headed to NEW ORLEANS first!!!!!!!!  The Big Easy, baby!  MO BETTA!!!!!!  Whoo-hoooooooo!