April 16, 2011


this week's carnage
 Pandora tunes bumpin',
front door open to fresh air and
brilliant sunlight,
paintbrushes bringing nothing into something,
splashes flowing,
various objects scraping, sanding, grating,
new layers emerging, obscuring
bare hands spreading velvet color,
heart quick
and soul quickened

I love this type of artistic process the best...the struggle to suppress reason and judgement and engage the....?...universal energy, soul, raw emotion?   Stilling my mind, letting go, releasing my body into a burst of impulsive movement... it is so freeing and spontaneous-something I know that I need to do on a regular basis as a means of accessing my higher self and evolving as an artist. " Think less, do more!", the mantra of one of my fav artists and friend, Gary Reef.

I finally got the balls to break out the 2 HUGE blank canvases that I've had hanging on the wall for the past year. A 48 x 48 and a 36 x 48 that Miles and the kids bought me for Christmas, Mother's Day. I'd been reluctant to paint on them-their size was a little intimidating and I had a hard time getting my head around how much paint they would use up! But yesterday morning I thought, "At least throw a base layer of color on-get the juices rolling and perhaps the muse will overshadow the fear. These big, blank, plastic wrapped canvases on our bedroom walls are USELESS and look like shite."

Once I got started I couldn't stop.  I had planned on only working on one...but while one was drying I grabbed the other and started something new.  It was a struggle to push logic to the side and just go with the rapid fire flow...but it started happening.  After a little lull in motivation the last month, I've got the mojo back.  After a year of fighting myself, I just delt with the fear and I let go.
Discard, release and F L O W...

Sneak peak of a work in progress
poor kitchen...

April 4, 2011

Weekends of late

The funnest most awesomey thing to do on the weekend!  Rip up soggy, moldy, useless, because-contractor #1-screwed up-the-physics-of -the-garage roof/new addition floor-oi-yoi-yoi and now we have to start from scratch-ish and re-span/re-whatever, OMG.  Check out all the crap flyin' around....looks like it's snowing.  Eck!  Can you not feel our excitement?  Thank you, that is all.

And here is the remedy for the above angst and hardship:  BREWING BEER

Post-sleepover.  The RARE nap in Mama's arms.  Since toddlerhood, this happens, like, once a year.  Oh, how I reveled in it.

Playing with color

Halibut on the grill for making halibut burgers....fekkin' YUM.

More color play

...as well as lot's of knitting, dvd watching and going on longs runs with Miles.  Running with him is the BEST...chatting, future planning, re-affirmation of a great life.  Ran by a moose silently munching on willow....so glad I have him to share it with.  He's better then an Ipod full of boomin' tunes on a run!

April 1, 2011

WHO'S BUYIN' ?!?!?

I'm ON to something here, methinks!!! Re-usable, eco-friendly, and down right warm-n-cozy happy-ass hand knit SANITARY NAPKINS!!!  RIGHT?!?!!!!  Oh, YEAH, that's how I roll with this knitting gig!!!  A "Knitty Sani"!  Choose your colors, throw 'em down there where they go, and yer all set.  Good to go!