March 25, 2013

Beautiful Words....


She was an ephemeral.  
Too lovely a sounding word?
for one who left such scars
-pain and duplicity- 
upon ardent hearts
For most,
 she was an evanescent
pin prick to the ego-
sharp, short lived, and eventually
(How is it that the tender bud 
acquires such hubris when held
 with love, devotion, and care
 throughout the blossoming?) 

For a scant few,
 she burgled the spirit
and tore at the fabric of love.
And still they loved,
And still

Hoping the scintillation
on the surface
would someday reach the depths.
Onward go little flower
You'll reap what you sow.

March 24, 2013

Random Facebook statuses

March 5

Ass and legs day...brutal HIIT run up Hiland...legs feel like lead...but I let go of something out there and the rest of me is as light as a feather, floating up on a thermal, towards that bright bright sun.....

Creepin' Jeezus, I have the most horrible cramps this morning. My uterus is reverting back to the teen years. Need to employ the relaxation techniques I learned through the Bradley Method of childbirth. I discharged a 10 pounder after 24hrs of labor...I can handle THIS. back..... :(


This is devastatingly beautiful....I was breathless and in tears. As we were watching the end of the vid just now, we had a little earthquake........

The nitty gritty TRUTH.

March 12
Time for spring cleaning of the soul....

Facebook spring cleaning DONE. If you are still here, it's because you bring something positive and healthy to my life....whether it's merely your silent FB presence and the memories we have, or the support, love, humor, dialogue, information, ideas, activity and humanity that you bring to the table.....I am grateful for you and I thank you! ♥

Finally. My Buddha. THANK YOU Craigslist!
Aaaaaand my pants are inside out. Yes, I've been out in public.

March 15
BALLS!!!! The 30 year old Cuisinart just went tits up.
 March 17
I'm not much of a whiskey hubby is the connesuir. I dig the Hiland Park....but just tried the Port Charlotte PC7 Sin An Doigh Ileach Islay Single Malt and whatnot out by the bonfire's just....UP! It's happy and it takes you up! ETHERIC, it is! Light and happy and lovely! Thanks to Jeffrey and LB via Jeff's FB!!! ♥ THIS is the shit. Kelly Walters, 'tis your birthday! Get thee a snifter of this elixir NOW!!!!!!!!! I now dig TWo out of my hunny's 45 bottles of scotch. Neato hootch!

 That Gospel phase she went through broke something.

Richard Fifield We went to that concert together, Fiasco! I had green cornrows, and we got her autograph!

Dana Fiengo Pruner I remember when we saw her at the Alaska boogying down with my little girl on my shoulders....such fun...and her show in MT...Richard Fifield...Watch my tities!!!!!! Her music is dead now....

She's bonkers.
(And a scumbag).

very sad report

 antiquated views - what a NUT

 I was REEEEEEEEALLY hoping that she was just using artsy-fartsy sarcasm and irony to make a point about the hypocrisy of Christianity.....what a cluster confusing:  ...See More

Yikes.. Forgot to quote. The above is from Wikipedia.

You have to embrace EVERY aspect of yourself to know your truest highest self....quieting a noisy soul will get you there.

Dana's wizened quote of the day: "But I'm chicken of balls...".

March 23, 2013

Miles's 50th


After our 5k, picking up the keg of IPA, and heading home for a shower, we closed off Miles's first half century with a 12 hour oft-packed-house bash at our place!  I know it filled his heart to have so many friends show up throughout the day to show him the love.  He-well, WE- were in our element  amongst friends, kids everywhere, live music, food and libations in hands, on this brilliantly sunny day!  COLD, but warm if you got close enough to the fire outside...or stayed inside.  Our new room was like a solarium filled with folks in sunglasses.  People were really digging our new space-the first time most had seen our finished edition!   It was a pleasure to finally be able to host a big shindig....a room filled with happiness and fun.
Happy 50 years, my sweet man!  Wasn't it just yesterday that I was decorating our house in yellow crime tape, tombstones, and Over The Hill garb for your 40th?!?!  I love you beyond the are of my soul....and I am so blessed and grateful for you.

Prezzies and music with Eric Brindel

Love it!!!!

Party princesses

Scooch closer to that fire!
Me 'n my Girlie

Fast friends-so sweet!

Miles and his new white trash mason jar beer/wine glass! And that cake is lookin'.....wavy.

Dear Peter and Ute

Superman patiently awaiting his piece of cake

I heart this guy
Daddy and his little/big girl
Not quite sure what the.........

Much new glasswear to go with all the bottles of scotch Miles was gifted!  Not that you would drink scotch in THESE things......

March 19, 2013

Just a quick morn'in run

What better way for us to kick off Miles's 50th Birthday then to head into Anchorage at 8ish in the morning for a 5K run?!  The Skinny Raven Shamrock Shuffle- in temps low enough to leave you with a frosty boogery mustache if you're not careful, Ladies!  
We dropped our car off at West High school and opted to jog to the Bear Tooth Theater Pub instead of hopping on  the shuttle.  It's only 3 blocks and a nice warm up for the race.  The start and finish of the race was outside the Bear Tooth.  Inside, it was toasty and packed with happy runners bedecked in all stuff green and Irish-y, dropping off their gear, maybe picking up last minute bibs, and hitting the potties one last time.  They herded everyone outside for the start of the race and once we were squeezed in amongst our trotting brethren, I was surprised at how much body warmth emanated from everyone despite the 12 degrees.  It wasn't long before there was a sudden shift and a wave of people moving forward-we're still not sure if there was ever a starting gun or a "Go!"-but off we all went.   The race was fast but tough, especially the long hill toward the end but Miles and I both did much better than we were expecting!  I came in at 25:39 beating my previous time during a practice run by 4.5 minutes.  Miles came in about a minute and a half behind me.  I fuckin' LOVE running and racing with him!  This has been such a great journey so far for us!
We collected our Shamrock Shuffle pint glasses, went inside to imbibe in our well earned free beer-liquid 2nd breakfast-and headed over the sister restaurant, The Moose's Tooth, to fetch the keg for Miles Birthday party later that day.
One race and one beer down before 10:05 am!  Pretty good!

Heading into Anchorage.  NOT liking that readout AT ALL.

Goofing at a stop light
Top-o-the-mornin' to yaz!

Coooooold out there along Westchester Lagoon.  But I know I was downright hot.  Shorts dude there had it goin' on.

Lovely energizing sun up!

Done.  Gimmie my beer glass.
Fuckinlovim!  We have FUN, he and I! 

March 9, 2013

Beautiful Words.


  • unfolding and flourishing: a process or time of development and unfolding
  • culmination: the highest point of a process of development

    The beautiful orchid Miles gave me for Valentines day.  If I can keep this one from going tits up, I'd like to start a collection.

    I can feel it.  Our non-winter ebbs... the sun returns, balmy breezes caress, snow pack softens beneath foot and skis, the birdsong changes...  Its surreal this time around, though. After a season of very little snowfall drama, part of me still awaits our winter.  Internal Spring approaches as well.  I get spurts of creativity interspersed with daily routine, and the strong desire to act...if only that daily routine would yield and offer more time.  At the RIGHT time.  I THRIVE on those demiurgic pushes and am hoping they come more often as the sky brightens and the warmth allows me my outside art studio once again.  I do my best work out there...

    I mentioned in a previous post the urge to spend time in daily meditation.  I KNOW my outer world will flourish even more if I can calm, redirect, and tidy up my inner world.  It's SO hard for me.  But I think I'm too hard on myself....expectations are too high.  "They" say if I could start with just 5 minutes of deep breathing and being award of my thoughts, I'm off to a good start.  I tend to say,aw FUCK it, when I can't go deep for 30 minutes and come out of it with something...  So I skip it  more often then not.  Plus, it's so hard to sit out there on my lovely cushions in that fantastic conduit which is our new space...and not have distractions.  The cat wanting lovin's, my husband searching music for his radio show, Willa playing.  But.  There simply can be no unfolding if I don't put in the effort.  FIVE minutes.  Years ago someone told me, "YOU MUST take the first steps in any evolution in life ....with bravery, dedication and intent.  It's a waste of time to wait for something to fall into your lap.  Only then, will the Universe stand with you and be of great help in manifesting what you need."  I have found this to be infinitely true.

    "In the beginning you will fall into the gaps between thoughts. -After practicing for years, you become the gap."    ~J. Klaykamp

    In the physical, I have been experiencing heavy periods and exhaustion in the last 3 months.  But the energy I feel the rest of the month is intense!  After that 2 month period of doing no lower body exercise due to my ITBS, I have slowly gained strength and started running again.  I am now at the point where I was physically last fall and I am SO ready to take it all to the next level.  Training to beat last years race times, giving my bodybuilding routine an over-haul, and tightening up my nutrition....I'm stoked to see where I will be taking myself!

    Our home continues it's metamorphosis.....the new addition is finished.  We're hoping to have the rest of the house finished by May!  It's a new world in here....