August 31, 2008


Conspiracy theories abound!

Regarding the Bristol Palin pregnancy rumor, for your entertainment (Gleaned from GAWKER):

When rumors surfaced Friday that John McCain's pretty new totally un-vettedrunning mate Sarah Palin's eldest daughter Bristol was the real mother of her Down Syndrome-afflicted infant son Trig, and that she had merely pretended — not very effectively at first! — to be pregnant with the child to cover up Bristol's terrible scarlet shame, our first thought was 1. Yeah right ha ha now get me another Black N Tan followed closely by 2. But what a rich premise for a quirky premium cable comedy on the unending travails of/unachievable demands placed on the corruption-fighting Christian mom governor from Alaska!* But someone else with better Photoshop skills thought up that same joke. Which made us realize, is the basis of this scurrilous rumor nothing but an obvious pun? As it turns out, "um probably yes"! Because we just heard from Josh Moffet, a 19-year-old Seward, Alaska resident a tipster alerted us had been involved in a car accident with Bristol when she "would" have been seven months pregnant with baby Trig. We already know her mother was not showing much bump action around that time. But was Bristol?
Via MySpace mail of course:
"Hi Maureen, Honestly I was a little distracted with her safety rather than her stomach. I don't recall her being pregnant at all, she may have been wearing a coat. No one else at the scene of the accident mentioned the word pregnant so I would say that either no one noticed or she wasn't pregnant. I do find it odd, I don't support McCain, but I don't see what this has to do with him. The public should realize how bad of a politician he is, and not try to dig up dirt on everyone that he associates with. Don't you think that it's probably hard enough having a mentally challenged child (regardless who it might have come out of) to take care of."

August 29, 2008

We're orphans now

~Picking up jaw off floor~

I think I re-injured my neck doing a double take when Huz came downstairs and told me the news.


Christ. They don't call her Saracuda for nothin'.

She's a grudge holder currently snarled up in an ethics investigation, she poo-pooed this whole thing in the recent past saying she would not leave Alaska-there was so much she wanted to do for this state, she has little experience(just a B.A. in journalism)-zip in international affairs- and I know I'll be blasted for this, but the mommy in me says,"how are you going to have time for your new little baby? A baby with special needs." And that ole' dude has a good shot at keeling over in the White house-and then Sara Palin will be our Commander and Chief? NO. She doesn't have the experience to aid a president. I'm sure the guys out there think she'll make McSame an excellent nurse maid.

What an awkward and lame speech. That puts the whole situation in a nutshell. Playing the Hillary card to attract the Clinton die-hards with bringing the women's equality movement to the forefront, despite the fact that her own views are antithetical to theirs. Am I totally naive? I'm hearing Hillary Diehards are willing to give up their democratic values JUST to have a 2 x chromosomes in office? I just can not accept that. This is a THREAT to the women's progressive movement.

Will this hurt the Obama campaign? I have faith in the Thinking People. But there are a LOT who are NOT thinking. McSame, you fool. The pooch has been screwed. You just jumped the shark, my friend.

She'll be SPANKED by Joe at the first vice pres debate.

More after my head stops spinning. Maybe.

The fantastic and lovley CELTIC DEVA has written much on Sara Palin-for more info go here!

August 27, 2008

Down. Defeated. Do not pass go, do not collect...

It's a SWELL day for Alaska.

The results of yesterday’s 2008 Primary Election are basically in. Not officially...but pretty much.

Hey great! Predator control-It’s still ok to shoot wolves and grizzlies from the air or by "land and shoot" even if there is inadequate data to prove the necessity for it. It’s ok to hand over these animals on a silver platter to please the ever increasing numbers of hunters. It’s still ok to shoot wolf pups in their dens. How sporting. Never mind finding them homes within Alaskan zoos or conservation centers.

Clean water, schlean water. It’s ok with everyone to leave Bristol Bay’s commercial, sport, and subsistence fisheries- and many other Alaskan waters- wide open for the inevitable toxic chemical contamination from mining. So what if the indigenous people who have subsisted off of the salmon in Bristol Bay for 10,000 years loose one of their main food sources? Salmon are disappearing everywhere else but let’s not bother to protect the Bay that produces Alaska’s largest salmon run. Get ‘em while you can folks! Order them up fresh from New Sagaya while they last.

It’s ok to keep our elections nice-n-dirty. Give those big money special interest groups all the power. Let’s not bother holding politicians accountable to their constituents. Let’ em continue to serve the Man. It's ok.

Even with the ongoing, humiliating, widespread investigation by The U.S. Department of Justice of Alaskan lawmakers' official actions in relation to the oil industry, fisheries, and private corrections industry, even though Senator Ted Stevens has been indicted for 7 corruption counts, EVEN with all that disgrace, Alaskans have voted him back in. It’s ok, Man, he gives us tons of pork!

And good ole’, friendly, older than dirt like Uncle Ted, Don Young who spent... billions now? of his campaign money on lawyers and won’t tell us why…
BACK IN the running!
And good on ya! to the 65.5ish % of voters who decided to sit this one out. Something better to do?

~Leaves to flush head down toilet…..

August 24, 2008

Highlight of our trip #1-NYC

I L.O.V.E the city. I grew up outside of NYC-you could see it lit up at night from the golf course up the street from my house. As teens we would take the bus in and spend the day hanging out in The Village, checking out all the funky shops and boutiques. I wanted Dea to experience some of this, too. (she saved up her back -to-school shopping for this) Last year we trekked through the Village and on up to Broadway for Mama Mia! but many of those old shops, bakeries and that one cool place to get a burger were gone! :( As I found out this year, I had apparently bypassed a huge section of very cool and unique shops by a block. We discovered it this time around but unfortunately it was at the end of our day! Oh, well. We'll make it the focal point for the next trip.
We started our day early, taking the train from New Jersey into the city-about 45min. (Lo spent the day with grandma and Pops). We got into Penn Station at about 9:30 and made our way on 34th over towards Broadway to find some cool shopping, iced coffee and a baked goodie.

Ms. Posh Jr.
We were told that there was a lot of action going on in Bryant Park-Flee markets, street performers, music...but it was pretty dead. A big green with tons of tables and chairs set up all around it but not much else. There was a stage set up on the green where a Broadway montage was going to be performed but that was later in the day. We decided to hunt down the New York Life building (Huz is a Financial Rep. with them) to see if there was a public viewing deck. ( FYI-Don't waste your time ever going up into the Empire State building!!! You'll loose 3 hours waiting in line to be corralled at the top, fighting to get to the railing for a view. And if you have little ones, forget it. They won't be able to see much.) We spent A LOT of time trying to find the building. Dea had mixed up the address she found on the Internet the night before and we wound up on a wild goose chase. Apparently no one in NYC knows where the frigging building is.
"You know, the one with the pyramidal gilded roof !?!?!?

It takes up the whole block??!?!"

"Lady, ya have to give me the street names or numbers-I don't know the building names."

Um.....if I knew the numbers or names I wouldn't be imposing on your smoke break, Officer...

Anyway, after much backtracking and circling around the West 40th's/Ave. of the Americas/Madison Ave./Rockefeller Center area, someone suggested calling 411(information) to get the address. I hadn't heard of 411 since I was a kid!!! I didn't know that it still existed! So with correct address in hand we bolted down to 26th! and Madison where we finally found the building.

Once there we went through much "official" and security laden hoops to have a tour of part of the building. The security guy was extremely nice and it wasn't until later that I found out that giving tours to random moms and daughters was a rarity. We went through many of the lobbies and halls, all with the original wood floors and wood worked walls. We goofed around in a couple of conference rooms and got to have a view from the CEO's lobby windows on the 33rd floor.

The guard was very informative and it actually was an interesting tour. We wished Huz could have been with us! The view and tour was worth the effort in finding the place.

We spent the rest of the day making our way down to SOHO/Bleeker St. to explore and find an outdoor restaurant to chow down in. I finally unearthed the cool boutiques I knew were lurking there. We hurriedly perused a few before racing to catch the subway back up to Penn Station to make our train home.
My hair+humidity=POOF!!!

Someday I would love to spend 2 or 3 days in the city around Thanksgiving. I found 3 amazing, eclectic, and arty and places to stay The Chelsey Star , Ye Old Carlton Arms, and The Gershwin. They would make a great base for spending time in the city. It would be so much fun to both spend the holiday with family and go on a shopping spree for all our Christmas gifts!

Another FYI: If you're planning to walk 8+ fast paced miles in New York City in a day, wear your most comfy shoes.
My Dansko sandals are crazy comfy for everyday stuff, but apparently not a day in NYC.

August 20, 2008

No WAY is it the first day of school. ~sigh~

Off she goes to 8th grade! It seems like just yesterday she was yelling,"WIPE!!!" from the bathroom...

And, NO, she cannot ride that thing to school. Huz arrived home with it last night. That's his ticket from 1 1/2 hrs of snow blowing the driveway to a mere 10 minutes of plowing.

I can't wait to ride it!!!!! Hurry up and come home, Huz!

Her name is Stella.

August 19, 2008


We spent 4 hours this afternoon "across the street" hiking up Bear Pass and on up towards the top of the ridge.
view of hike from our deck
It's about a 1500 ft. elevation gain. We hike first to the saddle pictured above and then head up to the right to the top-most point in the pic. It was hazy but cool-perfect for a steep climb. The girls powered through it-no whining from Lo! A couple of powerhouses! The fall colors high on the ridge freaked me out, though! NOT ready for that!!! We were very surprised to find blueberries along the way-pretty early in the season for that as well! They were not quite ripe but still a yummy treat. A couple of weeks and they'll be perfect.

The purple flowers Lo is standing next to in the mosaic is Fireweed. Usually the whole yard is full of it but a couple weeks ago Huz and our friend, the Prof, had to weed whack it all so that our yard would no longer be a haven for bears. But more on that whole thing later in a "catch up" post.

...I love this place. And nothing beats being high up on a peak surrounded with a view of such majestic beauty.

August 18, 2008


Tacky with my halter, yes, but THERE THEY ARE!!!! Evidence of SUN!!!! We had the best weather on our trip! It wasn't as hot and humid as I thought it would be. Like Alaska, New Jersey was uncharacteristically cool. In the mid to high 70's/ low 80's and not too much haze. We were even treated to a couple of great thunder/lightening storms which thrilled the kids! We rarely get them in Alaska because it seldom gets hot enough to produce them.

So, with a fresh mani/pedi, bikini wax(oi yoi yoi, dat hoits!!!) and my once yearly armpit shaving, we were off! The trip out wasn't too bad(at least for the kids). Our plane took off around 7 ish and we spent the first couple of hours munching on Quiznos sandwiches, drawing, reading. Lo spent quite a bit of time perusing the Emergency Procedures fold out and the Sky Mall catalogue. When it was nearing "bedtime" I pulled out the portable DVD player(scored a good one from Craigslist!) and we watched that old movie, Willow, to kind of settle down into sleep mode. Lo got the most sleep, Dea dozed a bit, and I sat there suffering from severe neck/shoulder pain that came on suddenly( it had been inexplicably kinked up a bit for a few days, but my boss adjusted me before we left and I thought all was ok). After a while the low back kicked in and I couldn't really move with Lo lying on me. That flight sucked big time for me. The 6 hours felt like 20 as I sat there in painful sleepy limbo watching Dea watch "27 Dresses" for the hundredth time. The 2 hour flight from Detroit to NJ went a bit better as I was able to doze for about an hour. Apparently Dea and Lo entertained each other while I slept.

Grandma and Pops were delighted to see us and they whisked us off to their house. Of course the kids wanted in the pool right away and that's what we did. Lo was in that thing for 5 hours straight and when we out to dinner she totally crashed in my arms. We're talking head limp on my chest, mouth hanging open, little bit of drooling, ZONKED. Nothing, not even grilled cheese and fries could wake that kid up. It was wonderful! She hasn't slept in my arms like that since she was an infant! I was lovin' it.

We spent the next couple of days swimming in their pool as well as the DELUXE one at their golf club.

Click to enlarge

Can you believe that Grandma is 86 years old?!?!?! Just kiddin', Ma! She's a pretty lady, that one.

Despite my pain( and by this time I was ready for pain killers and muscle relaxers or even a head pounding by frying pan to ease the pain -which is saying A LOT!)I basked in that hot sun and caught up on some much needed glorious napping. By the third day the pain had moved and I was able to pinpoint the offending muscle's trigger point and massage that bad boy into submission. It's still on the tight side, but I can handle that.

Alright, crying about pain is over. So far we'd had a great time poolside and were enjoying much good eats at various restaurants as well as our almost nightly trips up the street to Gabriel's Fountain for ice cream.

We long for this place all year long and my cruel parents will occasionally call us up and say,"Hey! We're heading down to Gabriel's. Ya want us get you something?!?!?" Mean!!! They think that will entice us to move to New Jersey...

We looked forward to our visits to New York City, shopping, the zoo, eating, seeing the cousins, playing at the Jersey Shore, and a possible trip to visit my REAL bff and the race track! And more napping.

But more on that later!

Off to catch up on reading blogs!

August 16, 2008

Homeward Bound!

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Fun is to be had at WWW.PHOTOFUNIA.COM!!!

August 10, 2008

Technology-a terrible wonderland


August 7, 2008

My new BFF

We're gonna hang in NYC...
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August 5, 2008


I have always appreciated the idea of-and attempted various applications of- creating living and working spaces with the purpose of bringing about a sense of belonging, safety, and nourishment for the eyes and the soul. Looking back at my past living environments(and there were many back in the college days!) there were 2 or 3 places that felt "right". There was an ease of flow, an inviting feeling within, they were the gathering places of many friends and special times. I LOVED offering a haven for the special people in my life. Then there were the places that, despite the colors I used, the placement of objects, etc., the vibe and course of energy in that space was just ...stagnant.

The basic premises behind the art and science of balancing the energies of any given space to promote health and well being had always come naturally to me. Before I had ever delved into Feng shui or Vastu, I was manipulating my environment with texture, light, color and object placement to create my home as sanctuary. The only area that I never explored was painting the walls! Not for lack of interest, but because I always lived in rentals!

Last year, through my experiences with Waldorf education and the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner, I learned about the Lazure painting that one often sees in a Waldorf environment. Lazure is the technique of painting several layers of color using thin transparent paint to create a sense of color in the space, rather than flat on the wall. The effect is gorgeous, harmonious, nurturing. I've been dying to paint the girls' rooms as well as my massage space with this technique. A couple weeks ago I received an email from Miss P. (Lo's kindy teacher)looking for volunteers and jumped at the chance to help Lazure the walls of her classroom at the Waldorf school!

The day before the Lazuring, her walls were painted a bright white in satin finish and allowed to dry. On the morning of the Lazuring, a lot of time was spent mixing the Stockmar watercolors with water and glaze to get the right consistency and tone. Once we had our colors of the rainbow, the actual painting only took the 5 of us about an hour and a half! Miss P. had also poured a different essential oil in each of the color jars so the room smelled heavenly!

Here are some before and after shots. The camera did not do the painting justice. The room looks AMAZING! What wonderful surroundings for a child to spend time in!

This explains Lazure quite well:

"....An unusual, more spiritually oriented painting technique, separate from sponging, ragging and typical glazing is the Lazure technique. Color is a vital consideration in 'tuning' a room for its intended use...the white surface behind lazure color reflects light back through the layers of glaze making the colors appear to be 'in the space' rather than simply on the wall ... The combined colors in the lazure method weave an enlivening variety for the human eye and Spirit. Never intruding, always inviting, the colors interplay with the subtle nuances of Nature, creating a depth not normally present on most interior walls."

~ From Home Design from the Inside Outby Robin Lennon

Some professional work by Charles Andrade~

Great TRAVEL ideas for entertaining KIDS!


The Cheesy NYC schmunsky giveaway winner is....ANET!!!!!!!!

A HUGE thank you to everyone for their great ideas for traveling with kids!!!!!! Here's just a few of the clever ideas we're going to try:

From ANET at Purple Squirrel: We love to play "create a creature drawing game" when we have to sit still a long time. On a pad a paper, one person starts out drawing a part of the creature. Say the head, then you pass it to the next person and they add one part to the creature, and then the next person and around and around it goes. It's fun to see what becomes of it with a bit of every-one's imagination added to it. You can do different version of this, say a cat or what ever. Tracing hands a decorating them is also fun!

Dennise at Mom in Madison: Oh, and puppets. A silk makes a great 'stage' and a few puppets (finger puppets are small enough to pack) are fun - we even take turns. One person starts the story...and each person takes over the puppet show and has to continue where the other person left off.

Lizz at red dirt mother: I could entertain kis with the barf bag for hours and I would for sure be making collages from the inflight mags. Face painting, hairbraiding, cartoon reading.
Tammy at Little Home Big Love: How about a small gift for each girl for each hour you will be on the plane? Wrap them all up in fun paper, and they can each unwrap one per hour to give them something to look forward to and keep them busy.

Seattle Mom: A cookie sheet tucked in the back of your carry on with raised sides (doesn't need to be the large size, go for the small size) holds everything on the drop down tray or better yet, you can avoid the drop down tray all together which helps the person in front of you stay sane. A tiny DVD player and NEW unseen DVDS....

Ruth at synch-ro-ni-zing: Well, my mom gave the kids several cards to be opened at intervals. So my idea to you is to have the stuff you want to take - generated from these ideas and your own - and have them marked with specific times and places on them: TO BE OPENED at _____ o'clock or in the air over _________. Also, having a map of your route can be fun (course they have those on the plane too).

Theresa from Lapazfarm Home Learning: ...a felt board and some dyed wool roving is fun to make pictures with.

Mamaofsugarpies at Oh My Sugar Pie: My husband has used the barf bags to make puppets, we usually take a variety of card games (Rat-a-tat-cat is a great one) and small toys and LOTS of snacks.

Anthromama : Coloring books, sticker books, those little magnetic scenes, funky gel pens, etc. My kids love office supplies :) For our upcoming cross-country drive (not just a plane flight: it's FIVE DAYS) I got my son (almost 6 yo) one of those metal potholder looms.

AAAAND! I scored a $40 (was $175) portable DVD player from a hippy dude through CRAIGSLIST(LOVE that place!!!) Surprise, HUZ, you get to use it on your flight to Seattle!!!

Thanks again, all!!!! We leave in 10 hours for New Jersey, Connecticut, NYC and SUN.

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*Photo courtesy of Homeslice's Scott Diussa Photography

August 3, 2008


FINALLY, after 2 weeks have gone by, I'm posting about our dip netting trip to the Kenai. Click HERE for more info on dip netting in general...

As for our trip...
We went forth at 10:pm Saturday (7/19)evening. Truck loaded with gear and nets. It was a sunny evening but there were scattered showers along the way and as the sun began to set, it's brilliance blazing through the rain, we were treated to quite a few gorgeous double rainbows! This one

followed us for quite a while down the .. . .highway, rising out the chaotic waters of Turnagain Arm and arching over the highway and down into the mountains on the other side. Perhaps it was a good omen of things to come!

We arrived on the mouth of the Kenai River at about 1:00am Sunday morning. We found a spot amid others in the tent "city" and set up our tents.

With the kids tucked in we attempted to get a few hours sleep until the next incoming tide which would bring the salmon. Huz got up and was in the water by 6 AM. I poked my head out of the tent at 7Am, caught Huz's eye and he held up his hand. He caught 5 fish already!!! By 7:03 I was dressed and in the water beside him.

Redoubt Volcano in background!

Over the next hour I caught 2 ,but the tide was slackening and I was getting chilly. There wasn't much action so we decided to bag it until the 2:pm tide. We stripped off our waders and greeted the kids who had gotten up, had breakfast and were playing in the sand. I was a little bummed that I had been too tired to get up when Huz did-I might have caught a bunch more fish-but, hey. I was WIPED!!! I figured I would catch during the 2 and 7Pm tides. Plenty of time for more fish wrastlin'.

Lo and I spent some time beach combing-one of my FAVORITE pastimes. The sun was out now-a rarity this summer-and it's warmth felt soooo good on our lily white vitamin D deprived bodies! We walked down the beach past the tent city and found lots of tiny beautiful rocks. I was excited to find an holey (Odin) stone-however teensy-and focused my site and being down to small patches of stones to see if I could find more.

After awhile, with a pocket full of treasures-alas, none with holes- we headed back to grab some lunch. We were joined by Dea and decided to head to the "Big Tent" where a church group was serving hot dogs and hot cocoa. The wind was picking up and it was getting a little chilly-hot cocoa was a welcome idea! As we walked we were surprised to see that a Bouncy House had been erected(!) out on the sand by the church!

Kind of a weird thing to see among all the discarded fish heads and folks milling around in waders! Lo was giddy with delight a the prospect of doing a little bouncing but hunger took precedence and she opted for lunch first. By the time we had eaten the wind had picked up so much that the they had to take the Bouncy House down! Poor disappointed Lo! And the Big tent had been out of cocoa as well. :(

The 2 o'clock tide was approaching so I got into my waders as the kids settled in their tent for some cozy quiet time- and a potential nap. Lo had been playing in the sand but the wind was blowing sand in her eyes and she had become distraught.

Huz and I got back into the water for another go at the fish. It didn't last long. Now, we're outdoor studmuffins, mind you, but the conditions were getting miserable. The wind was blowing up HUGE waves which topped my waders almost right away. The tide was a seriously strong one and we found it very difficult to both keep our nets vertical and to keep them from sliding along in the direction of the current. It was clouding up and it wasn't long before we were wet, cold, and fatigued. We gave up and went back to the tent to get dry and warm. We sat out in our camp chairs with a beer and tried to enjoy the last of the sun before the clouds over took it.

The kids emerged from their warm cocoon to have another go at playing. We all milled around checking out the remaining die-hard dip netters, taking pictures and looking for more treasures. The waves were pounding the shore now and we saw several people go under in their attempts to hop over the waves. The current would just knock their feet out from under them and down they would go-usually letting go of their nets in order to get back up, thus loosing the net!

I had found Lo's sunglasses-which became her "sand glasses"- to help keep the sand out of our eyes. With the increasing wind we were getting sandblasted so we headed back to the Big Tent so that they could join in the kid activities that the church had set up. They had face painting, fingernail painting, crafts and games. The kids were thankful to have a respite from the weather and to not feel confined to their tent!

We had been so excited about joining camp with some friends for the 7 PM tide but decided that we should call and let them know what the conditions were before they headed down for the 3+ hr. drive. I doubted that anyone was going to want to get in that water and it didn't look like it was going to let up. Huz and I sat on the beach trying to enjoy being outside and on the water but it just got so cold. Soon, it became clear that the rest of the evening would consist of simply making dinner and going to bed early. The prospect of eating dinner outside in the windstorm-and even whether we could light the camp stove or not-was met with antipathy. So we lit out for the nearest pizza joint! A couple hours inside a warm place(of COURSE I was seated right under cold air blowing out of a ceiling duct....) and yummy pizza helped pass the time until we could crash in our tents. We were all pretty tired, anyway, after not much sleep and an active day.

When we got back to the camp we were surprised to find that, despite the foul weather, a new wave of fisher folk had replaced the disgruntled ones who had left! And why were their tents placed so far back from ours? The whole city was erected about 30 feet behind our tent. Was the tide supposed to come in very high tonight?! As we approached our tents I discovered why we were the only ones sticking out on our own. The area was almost white with seagulls that were feasting on the vast row of fish heads and guts that the high tide had brought in and left as it retreated. And there were seagull droppings EVERYWHERE. All over our stuff. Nice.
a Hitchcockian moment

We pulled the tents and all our gear back out of the way of the poo bombardment. To bed with us. So much for that rainbow!

Sometime during the night-probably around 1 AM judging by the amount of light in the tent, I awoke to the most beautiful singing. The tent city is usually quite the culturally diverse place and there was a big group of Samoans behind us. Someone had pulled out a couple of guitars and and they joined with the singers playing these soft and gentle sounding lullabyes. It was like we had been transported to a Polynesian island. I tired to find my camcorder to capture the sound but I was too out of it and went back to sleep.

I awoke again at about 5AM to the more intrusive sound of commercial fishing boats racing out of the mouth to the ocean to start their day. I popped out of the tent and was greeted by the start of a beautiful sunrise. I ventured to the port-o -potty and then back for more sleep.

2 hours later? Raining. On top of more wind. Another couple of friends had driven down to meet us for dip netting-hey, we warned them!!!! They set up their gear as Huz and got dressed to join them outside the confines of our tent. \Our jovial adventurous friend, R, braved the crashing waves.

Eventually Huz joined him and they each actually caught some fish! Meanwhile the kids and I broke down camp and prepared for home. All in all we came home with 20 nickel bright sockeye salmon. Despite the wind and rain, it was still nice to road trip to the beach , goof around and enjoy family time and spend some time around the ocean. The few hours of sun we did have were SO appreciated, and catching enough salmon this season to prepare it twice a week for the next year is a damn good thing!

The weather this time around was a bummer, and I hate to portray this type of fishing as a bust, cause, man, when you get a warm sunny day catching lots of fish, dip netting is the s h i z n i t!!!!!!