June 27, 2013

Russian River-Day 4

I woke up to find these two in rapt attention at the window listening to Justin's tales of horror and gore as an fire fighter.  Ye GODS. 
I think Todd, Jim, Vickie, and Miles where the only who fished on this day!  It was a fabulously hot sunny day and we had all had lots of fun at camp.  In the morning we engaged in a chaotic move to the next campsite over-you can only book a site for 3 days per family and the one we where already in was now taken, so we reserved the closest one.  "Many hands make light work!", I told the kids so everyone helped haul ALL our shit, cars, RVs, tents, EVERYTHING through the woods to camp #2.  After getting re-settled we spent the day playing in the campground water spigot, weaving suncatchers, making bows and arrows with branches and yarn, and enjoying incoming friends

Safety Girl helping to move camp!


I cut a big plastic cup in half, fit the 2 pieces together and used it to direct the powerful flow of water from the spigot to spray at the kids!  Just like a hot day in a New York City fire hydrant!

Ya just don't get very many hot days like this in Alaska!  We ATE it UP!!!!!

Making sun catchers!

Another hike to the river to cool off and look for the bears

Todd caught one!

Fish processing station!


Jim and Vickie!  I love these two to friggin' pieces!!!!

THIS is my fav camping food!!!!

Marti in the house!
Star pasta for din din!


June 26, 2013

Russian River- day 3

Taking an early am break from flogging the river.

While Miles had caught a fish here and there, I had DIDDLY.  Not even a fight, not even a bite.    They were KILLIN' it on the river the week before and we missed it.  Such is the whimsy of the fish.  We spent most of the day hiking, playing, and relaxing before the next influx of friends came in for dinner.  This was a hoppin' social night!  Lots of folks, music, food and fun.

Heading to the river to look for the bears and let Kona go for a swim

The afternoon fishing run.  Got nuthin'.
Ray's daughter, Tia's, animae sketches

Kids hangin'.


WHERE the hell are the dramatic FLAMES , guys?!?!

Budding artist

Willa, inspired by Tia
Girlie tuff

Beats and strums

Dry spot left by the evening sprinkle!

Words cannot EVEN.......mmmm.....TENDERLOINS!  Bacon wrapped, no less!
Holy perma-grim coma!  And the gods wept.  Various and sundry chocolaty bars melting into an alchemy of delight!  We dipped Oreos, graham crackers, marshmallows, bananas, and I'm sure a finger or two into this chocolate soup!

June 25, 2013

Russian River 2013-Day 2

The yearly "log" portrait
Not much fishing action this day but Mama Griz and her 2 cubs shared the river with us for awhile.  I don't know if these are the same family from the last 2 years... if so, these cubs have gotten quite blond! And FAT!  What a life these bears have.  Filling up on fresh salmon EVERY day!  They are HUGE cubs!  Always miraculous to behold.  And viewing them in action for awhile takes the sting out of catching NO fish. 
The gorgeous weather continued, though and we enjoyed our trips to the river as well as just mellowing out at camp.  There was always between 4 and 8 kids at camp for Willa to play with, and while she was less apt to do special things just the 2 of us, it was wonderful to see all the kids busy with their adventures.  I did miss our alone time this trip, though.

"OMG, Becky!  He has gotten SO fat!"
"I know, right?!?!  THUNDER THIGHS!"

An eagle couple and their immature joined us on the river pretty much every day.  It was fun to listen in to their conversation!  I was wishing I had brought my hand held digi-recorder.
SO happy Vicki caught a fish!  They traveled all the way from Idaho for this trip!

GGGGAAAHHH!!!! DIE, Devil's spawn, DIE!!!!!  The lingering winter and current hot sunny weather has brought on THESE buggers like you wouldn't believe.  They came in in droves-along with 2 other kinds of pain in the ass bugs- after 9pm every night.  We were forced to use DEET.  Eck.

Tia set up a fun scavenger hunt for the kids.

...And we WERE!!!!

An afternoon cuddle and snooze before heading out for round 2 of fishing

Willa is really starting to look like a "big" kid!
Waiting......waiting......waiting.......Where ARE you guys?!?!

WHAT, by the weepin' jesus is THIS?  Beer flavored water.

Cioppino to DIE for!!!!

Everybody gettin' wild and cwaaaaaaazy!