April 25, 2012

A week-ish in Facebook posts

April 13
~Um.....Miles made burgers for dinner. With chopped up bacon in them. Mucho delish! But.......I think I'm gonna puke noW......
~Early run with Miles to work off those greasy, heinous, puke-worthy burgers we ate last night!!!! SO not worth it, the way my body feels today. Looking forward to a glorious salad later....
~Ahhhh....blessed, blessed coffee.... Run done, now heading out to retrieve the Great Northern Brewer's Club Brew Russian Imperial Stout that we helped brew. Aged in both brandy and oak barrels...we'll be bringing home 5 gallons!!!!!!!!
April 19
~"I don't run away from a challenge because I am afraid. Instead, I run toward it because the only way to escape fear is to trample it beneath your feet." -Nadia Comaneci
~I'VE GOT WOOD!!!! But the idiots delivered it to the WRONG house... Guess we'll be getting a workout tonight by hauling it all back to our driveway by hand. FINALLY getting the interior wall started! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Delivered to the WRONG fucking property, of course.  Hello? Some ass-hat enjoying 4:20 apparently felt this yet to be poured foundation was ready for framing?!? What did he think this wee pile of INTERIOR wood was going to become?!?!?  Rant over.
~Taste testing the 49er Brown.....Oh, day-um!!! Clean, dry...no overwhelming malt coating the tongue...wonderfully balanced! up next? The Renaissance Trappist Ale! ........
Here's my Chocolate bock .  We finally taste tested it against the Sam Adams version. Mine is better(The lighter colored beer), methinks! Lighter, happier on the tongue, and more of the chocolate and vanilla coming through..without the coated tongue feel. 'Taint a bad beer!
~Oh, LAWS, yes!!!!! Seductive elixer!!! We decided to brew another batch just on the nose alone! haden't even had a sip yet!The Trappist RAWKS!!!! A bit green, but...... A delightful dance of flavors on the tongue....nice loooooooong finish! Some sweet overtones yet dry overall. This stuff is gonna KILL once it ages and mellows. Down into the crawl space with ye, demon drink!!!!!
Sunday April 23
~Sweet day! Hours of photo editing done...FAST run as the sky was clearing....AND WE GOT THE FRAMING OF OUR INTERIOR WALL ALMOST DONE!!!!!! Finally, PROGRESS on the new addition! We are imbibing in the porter and brown beers Miles unearthed from the bowels of the crawl space. The porter is over 10 years old and the brown, 12!!!! The porter that we HATED 10 years ago has aged AMAZINGLY! Shit is the BAwLS!!!!!
~Blend of reds in the glass....rack-o-lamb on the grill, roasted po-tay-toes Bitches!!!!!!
Monday April 24
~Tacked on a "little extra" to my run today and realized it was about 2 more miles! That makes a 7 miler for me today! Calves are a bit sore...we'll see how they feel in the morn. Mojito chicken tonight!

April 23, 2012


I always think about Molly Ringwald screaming at Blane about prom in Pretty In Pink when I hear the word "prom".  Random, I know.
Our little girl had her Junior Prom on Saturday: "Silver Screen Sensations".  She and the other student government kids worked tirelessly to make this a fabulous night for the juniors and seniors.  While she was critical of how it went down, the feedback has been great!  Wish I could have seen it for myself-hopefully some photos will be coming in.
Dylan and her friend Katie let me tag along with them to the salon and later to their friends houses to take some prom "group" shots.  It was a lot of fun watching this excited bunch getting ready.  Everyone looked so grown up.....~sniff~....it all goes by SO fast.....it hurts.

Our amazing stylist had the girls looking so classy and gorgeous!  (Well, they already are gorgeous!)

OMG!!!  FINALLY the tallest in the bunch!!!!  ;P

Rant:  HATING on the straight brim hats!!!!!

I LOVE YOU, GIRLIE!!!!!   Silly spirit....

My contribution to the prom's decor:  Two 3x4 ft canvases showcasing the 2 stars of the day