January 27, 2013

I'm so excited I don't even know what to title this post! BEHOLD the new addition!!!

And suddenly...it was done.  Well, 90% done, but LIVABLE!!!!  Warm, cozy, roomy, sparse (for me), bright and so US.  After 3 years of hard work and plenty of toil we have this glorious room, a pantry ready for shelves and freezer,  an entry to sit and pull off our boots in, and a closet to house all our outdoor gear plus.
 PINCH me.  I feel almost in shock that things are wrapping up so quickly!  We still have a lot of little details to deal with but for now we have a place to dine with family and friends, a floor that is SO comfortingly warm to lay and play on, a sacred space to sit and gaze out at the beauty around us.  I love how new, clean, and uncluttered it all is and I look forward to slowly adding art and personal objects to the rooms as they present themselves.  We have found the new room to be so stunning that it makes the rest of the house look like shit!!!!  Folks, it's like night and day.  So we've decided to take a plunge and knock out the rest in one fell swoop.  By that I mean that we will be finishing the floors in the rest of the house...wood floors in what will be the permanent dinning room, tile in the kitchen and new carpet in the bedrooms...within the next month rather then next summer.  We are big into getting it DONE AND OVER WITH!!!! 
I'm feeling pretty damn fortunate and very proud of the blood sweat, tears, creativity, brains, and love that we put into our new space.

Come on in:

AMAZING meditation spot!!!  Grounded on warm wood and connected to the world outside...
Best seats in the house!  But I can't wait to get a sectional in here!
The morning sunrise view

I'm diggin' our lazy Susan
This light is the shit!  First saw these IQ Lights in Vancouver and was STOAKED to find a smaller version on Ebay!  $25!!!  And very fun to put together!  We got the pendant attachment on the cheap at Lowe's as well.