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March 29, 2014

"...nor tattoo any marks on you" Leviticus 19:28

Leviticus...SO strict!  NO fun!  What EV.

After getting my nose pierced in 2012, I realized how many years I'd wasted, sans body mod, due to fear of the unknown.  I'd wanted to pierce my nose and get at tattoo since my early 20's, but the years slipped on by with just an occasional question asked about the ins and outs pain, healing, cost, etc. Putting it off and putting it off....

Finally, thanks to the Google Gods and the YouTube, I got me edumacated on all things nose piercing, gathered up my balls and made an appointment.  MANY years of wussiness extinguished with the one quick pinch to my nostril.  I loved my nose piercing!  Eventually I got my tragus pierced and love that, too! (Long healing time, though).  Then it was time for a tat.  I've designed many tats for myself over the years ....this being the first (circa '93):

Thank GAWD time - and fear- faded my attraction to this pretentious tribal....thingy...I came up with.  At some point I added an earth there in the middle with a Susan Seddon Boulet wolf head floating around the top.  Shit.   My visual amalgam of wolf-love and saving the earth, punctuated with a trendy something-that-meant-nothing to me graphic.  I still really dig wolves and our planet....  Just not permanently displayed on the back of my calf.

Over the years I've thought that if I where to get a tattoo, it should have to be a symbol of something that defines "me" and/or is FOREVER dear to my heart and soul.  And something that would never loose it's visual appeal.  Now, we can't really predict what designs might loose their appeal over time- I just imagine all the "awesome" designs I can up with in the past....but something permanent on THIS body had to rise above hearts and unicorns and serpents.... I needed symbols and archetypes that have remained a part of me over the years....AND it needed to be created by ME. 
When I think of FOREVER, I think of love, and my children, and my husband...
So, for my first tat I incorporated my kids names into an infinity symbol.

Got this one inked out in the valley (Palmer, Alaska)by an artist who had done some gorgeous intricate lettering on a client of mine.  She copied my design to the T.  A little too perfect because she included all the little imperfections that I was hoping she'd "clean up".  Like that thin line in the middle.  I plan on going back for touch ups soon.

For my second tat, I went out and bought a calligraphy pen and drew my very simple "Miles" tattoo.  This one for my husband...with the bonus double meaning-I love running after all.  I've run many miles and there will be many more to come.  And none enjoyed more than the ones I run with my sweet man.  
Still a bit scabby here
I'd held on to that peace of paper for almost a year!  Since it would be going on my foot, I had the hardest time figuring out WHEN would be a good time to get it done.  Since I would have to go barefoot as much as possible for a week or 2, let alone not run, ski or work out.  It never seemed the right time!  I finally said NOW last week and headed in to Eagle River Tattoo.  A shop run by the Yarians,  parents of one of Dylan's former grade school classmates.  What a cool place!  Very welcoming and open, which I really appreciate.  Friendly folks all.  The place is clean with a very classy arty d├ęcor.  Retro tat compilations framed on the walls along with a collection of cool masks   Matt, the eldest Yarian, did a GREAT job on my tat.  Quick, precise, and with interesting conversation revolving around the possible seceding of Venice and the Veneto from Italy.  This tat hurt like a nagging bitch in a couple spots.  At one point I had to stop talking so I could grit my teeth and say "Oowwwwwww.......".  But it was over so fast.  No biggie.  Shit, I gave birth to a 10 pounder, what am I complaining about?

Miles has never been into tats but he was very touched when I surprised him with it.  I'm so happy that it brings him happiness and pride whenever he looks at it!  Forever......

What's next?  I want to create something special for the back of my neck.  Dylan and I got these henna sun tattoos on our necks at the Jersey Shore a couple years ago and I LOVED mine!  

Symbols I feel represent me are:
The sun- healing and a source of life
The spiral-evolving, birthing, female energy, spiritual and physical journey
Various Celtic knots-my heritage, many of the a fore mentioned attributes
 The lotus-creation, enlightenment, health.  

I'd like to design a tat with a combination of 2 or 3 of these.....but it needs to be smallish and fairly simple.  We'll see what I come up with !

July 16, 2013

Art lesson

My first formal private art lesson consisted of a charcoal pencil, a white coffee mug, an encouraging old lady, and a few of her entertaining biblical tails.  We all like stories, right?!
I did my best to help Willa with her first true sketching instruction.  Kind of an oxymoron because I can't draw true-to-life for shit.  But she digs my work.  Despite some bursts of frustration on her part, I think we enjoyed sitting together and sketching our mugs.  I had to stop her at one point when she was ready to throw her pencil across the room to explain that, "One of the true joys in creating the CREATING!  The process from blank white page, to those first sketchy lines, to an actual identifiable object, to a finished product.  If you can't savor, enjoy, and learn from the journey, why bother?  The end result is that much sweeter when you appreciate the work along the way."  I think it sunk in.  She seemed more at peace and accepting of her difficulties "getting it right".  And she was quite happy with her finished mug after going back and continuing to improve it throughout the afternoon.  She may get easily frustrated...or even scared depending on the situation...but this kid STICKS with what she's set out to accomplish.

Today's story: La Traviata.....from my father's the background.

May 6, 2013

"What do you do?"

This prompt is a bit wonky.  The full question is, "If you couldn't answer with your job, how would you answer the question, 'what do you do'?"  Are they asking me to describe my job without stating exactly what it is....or are they looking for a more esoteric answer?  Well...I'll go with the former.

I HELP....

       I see with my hands...touch with my soul...intent on easing pain...calming spirit and body...listening with ears and heart to both the quiet and to the words that may flow.  I offer my voice to advise and educate....I hold a space of safety and healing... I may not cure-there is no hubris here-but together we work on a journey to contentment in the moment, toward a life of wellness.


What's in my heart...on my mind...behind my translated in color, texture, movement, layered depth, onto a pure white canvas waiting to receive the rush of energy or the delicate placing of emotion.  Accompanied by a brilliant sky, warmth, fresh air around me, earth beneath me...the ultimate artist's, techno, dubstep, electronica engulfing me and feeding my color dance.

I do lots of other shit, too.

April 16, 2011


this week's carnage
 Pandora tunes bumpin',
front door open to fresh air and
brilliant sunlight,
paintbrushes bringing nothing into something,
splashes flowing,
various objects scraping, sanding, grating,
new layers emerging, obscuring
bare hands spreading velvet color,
heart quick
and soul quickened

I love this type of artistic process the best...the struggle to suppress reason and judgement and engage the....?...universal energy, soul, raw emotion?   Stilling my mind, letting go, releasing my body into a burst of impulsive movement... it is so freeing and spontaneous-something I know that I need to do on a regular basis as a means of accessing my higher self and evolving as an artist. " Think less, do more!", the mantra of one of my fav artists and friend, Gary Reef.

I finally got the balls to break out the 2 HUGE blank canvases that I've had hanging on the wall for the past year. A 48 x 48 and a 36 x 48 that Miles and the kids bought me for Christmas, Mother's Day. I'd been reluctant to paint on them-their size was a little intimidating and I had a hard time getting my head around how much paint they would use up! But yesterday morning I thought, "At least throw a base layer of color on-get the juices rolling and perhaps the muse will overshadow the fear. These big, blank, plastic wrapped canvases on our bedroom walls are USELESS and look like shite."

Once I got started I couldn't stop.  I had planned on only working on one...but while one was drying I grabbed the other and started something new.  It was a struggle to push logic to the side and just go with the rapid fire flow...but it started happening.  After a little lull in motivation the last month, I've got the mojo back.  After a year of fighting myself, I just delt with the fear and I let go.
Discard, release and F L O W...

Sneak peak of a work in progress
poor kitchen...

September 8, 2010

My Facebook Fan Page!

I know I'm outing myself...but it's all good!
Hey, folks!  I've set up a new fan page for my art on Facebook.  I hope you FB users will stop by and consider "LIKE"ing my page and "suggesting to friends"!  I also put a fan page button here on the top of my sidebar.  Feel free to pass the info along as well.
I’ll be posting photos of my latest work, updates on what’s for sale in my ETSY shop(will be empty until the end of the month), links to my fav artists and galleries, as well as my current and upcoming exhibitions! I’m finally up and running and can’t wait to see what the future brings! Stay tuned! 
And THANK YOU for all the encouragment, support and wonderful insight over the last few months!!!!

August 31, 2010

Finished Work Friday- My very first art show!!!!!

So last Friday it dawned on me that I should touch base with the owner of the cafe in town that was going to host my first art show. I picked up the phone and dialed. Emblazoned in my mind was OCTOBER. One month to finish about 10 more pieces for the show. One month to get together a good artist's biography and all the description cards that are hung below each painting on the wall. Plenty of time to sign, title, varnish and wire up all the canvases as well as put together a flier and start advertising for a First Friday reception. I hung up the phone after talking with the owner of Jitter's with my mind and heart in my feet. Attention Deficit Disorder had gotten the best of me again, the bastard. Not October. SEPTEMBER. We had scheduled the show for September and he needed everything to be ready to go by 7pm Sunday night. Battling a nasty chest cold and feeling exhausted, this seemed insurmountable. There was no way to back out. How unprofesh would THAT be?!?! But at the same time...what I had envisioned for my first show-enough pieces to warrant the "fireplace" room and a strong First Friday reception- was just not going to happen! I had about 23 canvases but there was NO WAY I could produce 10 more in 2 days! 2, maybe. I gave up the dream of that Perfect First Show and resigned myself to something more on the half-assed side. I downed the cold meds and coffee, tried not to cough up a lung and got to work. With the help of my sweet girls and our neighbor we were actually able to get everything done. We packed up the truck with all the canvai and headed down to Jitter's coffee shop. The owner helped hang it...and I even got the "fireplace room"!!!! Turns out I had just the right amount of paintings! I'm pretty pleased with it....and a friend and I just might do a joint reception next week. He's running for State House so we thought we could do a meet & greet/art viewing type of thing....kind of a weird concept but who knows. Truth be known...I'm a shrinking violet when it comes to having a spotlight focused on me...and even though the people who will show up for this art show are mostly my friends, it still scares the crap out of me. So, since I blew the First Friday thing anyway, maybe doing a joint event will ease me into the whole scene and give me the confidence I'll need for a more "public" FF reception.
For now, I'm just fekkin' thrilled to be showing my work here in town!

(Dea helping with the hardware)

(cutting descriptor cards)

(The aftermath of the art show scramble.....................................and back to peace and calm!)

April 30, 2010

Never a dull moment on FaceBook! And FINISHED work Friday!

Swing Shift(click for detail)

Playing with color and "letting go". Just setting up the paints and various utensils....some loud Indie Techno to set the mood ...and just hitting the canvas RAW. Extempore, impetuous, Enfant Schizo!

Yesturday's FaceBook status:

RunninL8... Hates the pretentiousness of Americans who wax British with the idiom, "I'm going to University".

RM: really? do you also hate Americans who add the 'o u' to certain words, for example colour... if so, I am in really trouble with you.

Runninl8: not so much. And it's the pretense i hate....not the people.

CS: I hate those wankers, its bollocks I tell you!

LLS: Oh, Bloody 'ell.

CS: Fish and chips

RunninL8: RIGHT! Cor BLIMEY!!!! I just shat my Alan Whickers!!! No more gettin' blindo for me!!!!

RunninL8: LLS, you're a corking corker and I LOVE ya!

CS: Those cheeky buggers are fit. I might try to shag one of them now

RunninL8: it's a GAS!

RunninL8: Cory, give the ole undercarriage a bit of a 'how's your father' first!

CS: Oh that's pure codswallop

DLM: Marginally better than I'm going to the water closet.

DC: Quick wit and humor. Love it. You would be a fun neighbor. :)

April 28, 2010

Work in Progress Wednesday...on Thursday. Waddaya gonna do?

One of the pieces I 'm working on this week was derived from a technique that I learned from GARY REEF on his NING site, LOVIN' MIXED MEDIA. Gary is a fabulous Australian contemporary mixed media artist who lives in Norway. His amazing networking matrix consists of YouTube art technique tutorials, FaceBook updates on his latest works, an Etsy shop and the NING site- chock full of informative articles, groups, videos, forums, and tons of like-minded artists....a fecund land of creativity and inspiration.

The technique used on my above Buddha work is Gary's "Bubble Effect" technique. A wonderfully textural work made by using thick layers of house paint and a heat gun.

Take a minute to check out Gary's work on his website and then head on over to Lovin' Mixed incendiary device for the imagination!

As far as my Buddha....I'm not sure where I'm going to take it. I may add some Sanskrit text next to him and call it good. Or maybe get crazy with some lotuses all around. Or both. Hmmmmmm....

April 7, 2010

Work-in-Progress Wednesday

I thought it would be fun to start a Work in Progress post for every Wednesday, showcasing my current work. So here is the pain in the ass I'm working on so far this week. I love it....but it needs to "go" somewhere... but I don't know where that is yet (yeah, yeah....I hear YOU, Jerky-the trash is not an option!) We'll see where the week takes us!

And then there are the two below which are now finished. I am still in shock that the unicorn sold only 15 minutes after I posted it online! I've sold other pieces 2 so far and am now working on a commission. Which prompted me to start an ETSY shop. Not ready yet to launch it , though. I'm still working on getting that first body of work ready to show!

A Conspiracy of Ravens

A Creature So Likely That It Must Exist

March 20, 2010

The Making of COSMIC JERRY

It was Huz's Birthday last week and I painted him a groovy portrait of Jerry Garcia. He doesn't often get to see my painting in action so I made a video of the whole process...

March 12, 2010

Artist Trading Cards with kids

So I've joined 2 fun NING art sites. NING = a place where one can build or join a particular social network. Artists Gary Reef and Jared Knight each a run a fun and engaging site. You can find links to these sites on the top of my sidebar. These 2 artist's networks are a great place for displaying, viewing and discussing artwork, watching videos and tutorials, and socializing with other like-mindeds. I suggested At that we do an Artist Trading Card swap which is now underway. On Wednesday Jared proposed we also start a swap for the kids. Lo was thrilled at the prospect of not only making these fun little cards but also sending them off and receiving some back from kids around the world. She has enjoyed some of the guy's crazy videos as well and thought it would be fun to make our own. So I stuck the camera on the tripod and we went to work. Here's the goofiness that ensued....and my lame attempt at editing. Dea joined in the fun as well and made a few cool cards of her own. Head on over to Jared's NING site to get your kiddos involved in this ATC trade! Adult kids can participate, too!

March 1, 2010

Works In Progress

February 18, 2010



I'm on fire folks. An awakening on some etheric level. As I said in my last post, I have sudden surge of ideas flowing in....a million tiny seeds of creation germinating...taking root, infiltrating my mind... I'm seeing, feeling, experiencing everything via a pallet and paints and an open canvas...through the viewfinder of my camera, and how my inner world will display on my laptop's screen. I want to take these pieces synthesize, deconstruct, reassemble and express. I have my own paradigms and schematics of the soul that I want to articulate through these mediums-a longing that has always been a constant in my life. I'm bathing in and evolving from the works I see from so many talented creators through both the cyber and the real.

With my birthday-and Santa-came new photog equipment: New camera, new laptop, photo editing software to get acquainted with, awesome photo books to well as a suddenly rekindled desire to paint after a 2 year hiatus. Winning a $100 gift card to Blaine's Art Supply at the NYL Auction Dinner really helped-new colors and fun mediums! Oh, and then there's all those websites and blogs devoted to art, photography, and journaling that have really gotten my juices flowing. Sites that challenge one to a daily , weekly, monthly artistic PROMPT. Here are some I'd like to take on and share here: A Year In The Life, Inspire Me Thursday, Your Life Spelled Out..... so many more.

I need that type of discipline/commitment to hold me in the now. I don't want to loose this new sight, this new drive and passion. I desperately do not want this to slip through my fingers back into the routine. But how to keep hold of this, to compartmentalize it into my life of mommy, wife, massage therapist and keeper of the home? How to tighten up and improve on what I already do in order to allow more creating in? ...How I'm longing for some space. Physical space, to be exact. Enough to hold all my stuff of creation, with room to move, to trash, to explore, to not care where the paint flies...the floor...the ceiling... It's a challenge to keep all this in check while painting in my kitchen! Maybe, someday, a used yurt connected to the house. With an old woodstove and access to the hose. More ROOM where my canvases, as well as my imagination, can become larger, expand farther........ journeying the astral.....

September 18, 2008

Our walls

A few weeks ago-ages it seems-Anet, Sharon, and Loring partook of this unique meme that gives insight into a person's home as well as spirit. So, I invite you in to witness our walls....

Bodhran, lyre, prayer flags, Mexican dance mask, Aztec calender.


they embrace you

expand you

protect you

if you're not careful

they may engulf you.

Our walls

once a portrait

of another


futile life,

gessoed to a fresh blank pallet.


accomplishmentsmemoriesand expression

lovingly placed

and surrounding us.

Our walls.

the embodiment

of us.

Antique Mexican dance masks collected on our trips to Mexico and a wacky spray-painted picture from Cabo. Didgeridoo that Dea made Huz for Christmas.

Special things. A beloved old poster of the Grateful Dead. People always ask if it's an old photo of family! Well.....

I am SO grateful I discovered pregnant belly-casting!! What fun that was! Huz and Dea wrapped me up when I was about 7 1/2 months.

A still not finished acrylic. Huz wants it in his office but I just can't part with it until it feels done.

Dea's work:

Her chalk cartoons, signed Patty Larkin poster, frame she made with picture of Dea giving Lo a bottle, Grampy's X-stitching.

She really has a knack for watercolor.

A Matisse inspired piece.

An exercise in color value and a funky self portrait.

When Dea was little she seemed to project an unspoken feeling of "Mommy is so good at art but I'm terrible at it." But once we put her in an Optional Program in 4th grade that emphasized the arts, her creativity was born and has flourished ever since. She is a talented writer and the quality of her artwork has just exploded since she took an art elective last year! The Optional Program was the closest thing to the Waldorf philosophy that I could find and I'm so grateful it was available to us.

Lo's special things. Knick-knacks that belonged to Huz and I when we were kids, a shadow box with a tiny baby in a nest surrounded a heart made from our umbilical cord, a butterfly box, and baby pics.

Gotta have some John Lennon sentiment hangin' around!

2 Jon Strongbows that we bought at Pike Place Market in Seattle.

My sun faded acupressure poster, water Lilly painting by Dea and fish print by Lo.

The "tree" looking picture is a Tree of Life print that I made with the placenta after Lo's birth. That thing is still in our freezer waiting to be planted under a new tree! Hope we NEVER mistake it for meat!!!!!!

Studio BEFORE (where's the kitty!)


It's amazing how cleaning that space up after a summer of clutter really helped my blocked creativity to resurface.