August 30, 2012

Hot Stompin' Jeezus, I ran me a MARATHON!!!!

2 weeks ago.  26.1 miles, Bitches.  The Moose's Tooth Marathon of the Big Wild Life runs!  The longest distance run in my long-time goals of running.  I've wanted to take part in official runs, races, and marathons since I was a teen begging my friends to run with me in the Town Journal Run in Upper Saddle River, NJ.  Can I say "run" ONE more time here?!  RUN, RUN, RUNNY FUCKIN' RUN!!!!!

Miles ran it, too.  We agreed we were just going to run it to finish and not worry about time. And that we would stick together.  It was glorious.  And HARD.  Almost akin to childbirth.  At least the labor part.  But almost as empowering at the same time!  Ass kicking painful....TOTALLY due to my not training consistently.  After jumping from running a 13.5 run to a 21 mile run-and running that 21 totally in my Vibram 5 Finger shoes-I started to experience posterior tibialis pain.  Then I was off to the beach in NJ, looking forward to running every day.  But that TP pain acted up and I had to rein it in.  Once home in Alaska, I switched to running in my "transition shoes" and the pain went away.  I was ready to get in some good runs before the marathon!  And then the cold kicked in.  No running for me.  So, race day a week later-with my hacking cough-proved to bring on some funky pain after mile 12.  That SUCKED.  We ran quietly for the most part...not like the gab-fest on our 21 mile run.  Basically, everything from my pelvis down ached.  I still had a great time though...barring any weird sudden injury or wildlife attack, there was no doubt in my mind that I would finish.  Well....maybe a little doubt here and there.  But with Miles, chatting briefly with fellow runners, the perfect weather (overcast and 50-ish), the views, music and spectators along the way, and our friend, Martin, joining us to run the last 2 miles, I was able to keep running to the finish.  Which I crossed hand in hand with my hunny.  5 hrs and 14-ish minutes.  Our friends and kids cheering us at the finish line!  Pain, beer and pizza ensued. 

"Ready to run another?!", I was asked.  At the time I thought, "maybe I'll stick to the shorter races!"  But by the next day, I was planning for the next marathon!  With the exception of my top of feet pain, I was fully recovered from soreness within 3 days-much to my surprise!  But since then, I've started to suffer from "runner's knee" and still have TOF pain in my right foot.  I am now seeing a physical therapist to get straightened out, so to speak.  I feel like both a sloth and a racehorse behind the starting gate.  I just want to RUN.  To train RIGHT this time, to IMPROVE and run pain free and happy, by goddess!

Scenes along the route:
Scottish Hiland band playing on the hill

Across Westchester Lagoon

Random forest rocker playing his Hello Kitty guitar!

Miles has killer calves.  That bugger ran the whole thing in his Vibrams with NO probs!!!!!


Anchorage from the Coastal Trail cliffs

Whimsical rock sculptures in the river

Martin joining us for the finish gave a boost to our hearts and kick to our steps.  His childlike enthusiasm for our first marathon was infectious!

Coming in to the finish...

HELLS yeah!!!!!!
BEST feeling, crossing that finish line!!!!