May 27, 2011

DEAD in Alaska *UPDATE!!!*


Feel like welcoming this glorious weekend in and ending the workday with a hour of live GRATEFUL DEAD?!!?  Tune in to Alaska's KNBA 90.3 "DEAD OR ALIVE" with my husband, Miles, and his friend, Dave Powers!  They'll be doing the show every 4th Friday of the month....hopefully going to once a week. If ya like the show, let them know at KNBA!!!!

UPDATE:  They did GREAT!!!  Tons of excited phone calls coming in at the station!!!  They're talking about making this a regular 2 HOUR Saturday gig!  WAY to GO, Hunny Bunny!!!!!

May 8, 2011

Day of the Mom

To Quote my friend, LB:

"To all the mothers of the world; to birth moms, foster moms, adopted moms, to moms by default and those waiting and praying to be moms, to all of you making a difference in the life of a child, have a blessed day."

And, you, too, Mother Earth!

Hope you all had a beautiful day!