June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!!!

To ALL the wonderful Daddies.... Have a fabulous day today!

To my Hunny...I am so blessed to be spending my life with you, and so proud that you are such a wonderful father to our children. I love you beyond the stars...

June 4, 2010


After a year and a half of waiting and all the fretting found HERE and HERE, I just got a call from Winterberry, our local Waldorf charter school saying that they have a spot for Lo in first grade in the fall, and did I want to take that spot?
After screaming such things as, "OH.MY.GOD!!!!! No WAY!!!!!! REALLY?!?!?!" and jumping up and down and sideways-you would have thought that I had just won a thousand bucks off of the local Morning Zoo radio-I, of course, answered with a definitive and definite,"HELLS YES!"(they're gonna love me there).

I have lost too much of that "Waldorf connection" over the past year without that daily support and participation in such an environment. I've tried so hard to hold onto that and am SO looking forward to immersing ourselves in it again!!!! On some level I've felt that I've been in this holding pattern for the past year...a place where time has stood still, where I was not able to really "get into" the events of the school Lo was going to and having such a hard time keeping the Waldorf in our home. I acknowledge that I've needed that help, that belonging to a Waldorf community, to keep organized on on track...I feel I can breath again...a block is gone and I can plan, I can break out the scroll saw for some toymakin' for the school, I can research into what is to come for Lo in first grade!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm am so excited for her!!!!!!

Huz in gonna have to peel me off the ceiling when he gets home!!!!!