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March 12, 2012

And we get to LIVE here!!!

This morning's 3 am photo shoot!  After an auroral drought the last few years, this season's solar flares emitting class X coronal mass ejections have been giving us some beautiful displays!  Miles and I got Willa out of bed and bundled at midnight last week so she could finally see her first strong showing.  Afterward, still feeling zonked, I went back to my warm bed and husband but when I woke up in the morning I TOTALLY regretted not grabbing the camera for some shots.  After all, what's a late night now and then and how often have we  gotten to see such lights lately?!?!  So when Miles woke me up at not even the butt crack of dawn this morning I got right to it with my camera.  Geared up warm like the Michelin man, I stayed out in that magnificence until my fingers no longer worked-it was about 3 degrees.  SO worth the slight discomfort to stand outside while the valley slept...watching those ethereal waves dance and sway in the clear quiet.  The stars-and Mars-in audience.  Light wind...the occasional snap of a branch-ermine or moose?...the crunching of crisp snow. 
We get to LIVE here.

Light shower over our house

Straight up to the Big Dipper.