October 21, 2012

Last Weekend's Zombie Half Marathon and Kid's 2k!

And, no, I was not in it.  Just these two.  Bitterly, I am sidelined until probably spring with ITBS D/T TMTS......oh, you know, Illiotibial Band Syndrome due to Too Much Too Soon.  And that's all I'm going to say about THAT.

For now.

But I'm not a TOTAL douche, incapable of stuffing down and not choking on my disappointment, rage, sadness, longing, jealously, restlessness, sadness, envy, loss...................................................................and happily cheering on and supporting my man and youngest in their ongoing racing adventures! 


I don't quite get the nation's excitement with the whole "Zombie Apocalypse" thing....embraced by stay-at-home-and-do-nothing-man/child types....but it was a good time watching the race participants dressed in a miscellany of creepy get-ups all raging down the trail.  Costumes ranged on the awesomeness spectrum from Straight Off the Movie Set to Zombie Lite for those like Miles and Willa who didn't want make-up and clothes to get in the way.  I think I did a pretty good job zombifying those two before the race.  It was actually kind of cool being on the "other side"- seeing my runner's off , stopping at the Middle Way for coffee and cocoa and thinking how nice and warm it was in there and aren't I SO HAPPY that I'm not running a great half marathon in the cold...............yeah.........
and being there cheering them to their finish.  Dylan and I had to maneuver trickily to make sure Willa was down at her race start before Miles finished his and I had to, ironically, run my ass off to get back to the 1/2's finish line to see him in! I think it would SUCK royally to finish a race with no one there at the end to hug you and hand you warm clothes!!!  We then headed back down in plenty of time to see Willa's finish.  Miles and Dylan ran the last 100 yards with her over the finish line and she was thrilled!  They did GOOD, this half of our family.

Next year we are going to go ALL OUT for the Zombie races.  ALL of us.

start of the half

Omm nom nom nom

Zombie Elvis?!!
AAAAAAAAACK!  Run!  Zombie children!!!!!!

See ya, Mommy!  I got this!

Miles crossing that line!  YAY, hunny!!!

Our good friend and former boss

Zombie knees!  She fell at some point....

Finished and proud!  With her first race wipeout wounds to show for it!  looked worse the next day, too!

He escaped again!!!!

  Our Astoundingly Adventurous Amourous African Clawed Run Away Attack Frog!!!   Willa found Scoot the aquatic Frog mostly dried up and stuck behind the toilet this morning! Evidence tells us he journeyed from the confines of her room and across the house to make a desperate attempt at re-moisturizing in the cats' water bowl (so THAT'S what that wet blob of stringy, hair, lint and cat fur was that I found next to the bowl this morning!!!), and then back across to the kid's bathroom only to wedge himself between the toilet shelving and wall. What a surprise for Willa making her AM BM!!!! Scoot is now de-linted and recovering back in his tank. This would be escape attempt #5 in the last 4 years. The fact that he has not been devoured by the cats yet is beyond me....


I have NO idea why my Pinterest and Polyvore accounts are posting my froo-froo stuff on my blog!!!  I will get to the bottom of this MALARKY.