June 5, 2013

A BIG challenge....

.....turning OFF the laptop, saying no to watching movies during the day, and saying "suck it!!!!!" to any inclement weather threatening to keep us inside!
Living strong!
.....trying to experience SOMETHING WONDERFUL each and every day.  Living it like it's all we've got.  Awhile back I saw someone's blog where they had given themselves a symbolic 6 Months To Live.    It was a challenge the blogger gave herself to live those days to the fullest...and it changed her life.

Now it would totally freak me out to "act as if" I only had 6 months to live-I don't want to invite any negative connotations and vibes into my life!- so I won't use those particular words, but I DO want to stop taking each day for granted.  I don't want this summer to go by with any wasted opportunities.  Many would consider our life already pretty full, and it is, but I want to go deeper.  I'm talking about those smaller moments throughout the day as well as the bigger experiences.  If I only had a limited time to live, I sure as shit would be trying to fill every day to the brim.  Why not DO that this summer?!  The perfect time to experience quality AND quantity time with my family.  I want to be able to say each day that I experienced Something Wonderful.  Whether it's making slime with Willa, going for a hike somewhere new, creating something I'm proud of, learning something new.....  being more mindful of when stressors make me start to feel impatient or crabby and trying my best to over come those moments....not saying, "nah, maybe another time" when Willa asks to do some little thing.....TRULY making each moment the highest form of what it was meant to be.  BEING the highest form of myself that I can reach.

I have this summer to LIVE.

Today's Something Wonderful:

One of our favorite harbingers of Spring/Summer....brand new baby moose and their mamas visiting our property!  This is the view right outside of Willa's bedroom window.