April 22, 2009

IT'S EARTH DAY!!! Celebrate your Mother..


We've been gaining about 5 minutes of daylight each night since the equinox. It's still light when we go to bed now. Soon we'll be experiencing those bright Alaskan nights .....One of the bummers about there being no real darkness in the summer is that I can't adorn our deck with all sorts of pretty fairy lights and candles when we hang out or entertain. The top of our garage will someday house 2 more stories but for now Huz did a great job setting up a temporary deck. We have a great table and umbrella which would be perfect for hanging beaded votives....Oh, I have tons of ideas..but it's just not a reality here.

But for those of you living in a place where you can experience warm dark, I've got a very cool idea for groovy mood lighting in honor of Earth Day.

Recycled Pop Bottle Luminaries:

This is a gorgeous luminary for both inside and out. Make a bunch for a party on a summer's night. Perfect to line your railing or your walk. Beats the whole sand and candle in the paper bag thing. You can use a real beeswax tea light or one of those LED faux tea lights.

All you need is:
2 pop bottles
"glass" paint
sponge brush
tea light

There will be 3 pieces nested together for this luminary.

Here's what you do:

1. Leaving the base of the pop bottle intact, cut out a fun wavy design that measures about 1/3 of the way up the bottle. The bottom 1/3 is now separated from the rest of the bottle.

2. Put bottom aside for now. Or have kiddos start painting it.

3. Using the top portion of the bottle, cut off the neck part and discard. This rounded top portion of the bottle will now be the BOTTOM of this piece. Make sure the hole you have just created is big enough to handle heat and flame from the tea light.

4. Now cut wavy pattern on the new "top" portion of bottle.

5. Repeat step #1 with 2nd bottle, but this wavy design should reach over 3/4 the way up the bottle.

6. Paint your 3 pieces in any way you like. Lo and I first dabbed on the glass paint and then found it fun to use our fingers to spread it and make designs. We also just let some of the paint drip on it Jackson Pollock style.

(It was sunny and 50 degrees outside today!!! T-shirt-for-the-hearty time!)
7. When dry just nestle to 2 bases into each other, put in your light and nestle the 3rd piece on top of that.
Now make about 20 more and throw a party for whatever!

*You've GOT to check out these beautiful pop bottle plastic butterflies-PERFECT if you still have leftover glass paint and bottles!



Crescent Moon said...

Those are cool looking! I may have to start saving empty soda bottles now, so we can make those for the summer solstice.

Joy said...

Those are cool! I wonder if we can find a neighbor or friend who would save a couple for us since we don't drink soda. Fun project...thanks!!

Happy Earth Day to your family!!

Kate in NJ said...

Happy Earth Day!!

Sarah said...

I'm with Joy - we don't drink enough pop to make even two of those in a year. I'll have to recruit my ILs to start saving their bottles for me. Those are so pretty.

The butterflies are stunning. I may go out and buy a few bottles of root beer just to make those. Absolutely stunning.

Mama Randa Morning Glory said...

Happy Earth Day!

We'll be going on a wildflower hunt this afternoon-- hooray for our mother Gaia!

RunninL8 said...

We don't drink soda AT ALL. Snag some bottles from your local recycling center. Dumpster dive in your neighbors trash!!! I have no shame!

Hip Mountain Mama said...

Very cool. Thanks for posting this!

Dawn said...

Great idea...happy Earth Day!

Anet said...

Oooo! These are beautiful! Wonderful reuse project:)
Happy Earth Day!

Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

What a cool idea, I love this! I'll be linking.

Eluciq said...

these are incredible...and you are oh so crafty! they really do look like glass...cray!

what a great way to recycle and reuse those 2 liter bottles...so would it be bad to start drinking things that came out of those bottles so that we would be able to make this craft...giggle :) not sure i am up for dumpster diving...maybe craigslist...BIG GRINS :)

mamakopp said...

Love this! We are working on our own lanterns, but these are so much better! And easier I must say!