November 24, 2012

The latest on the old New Addition!

When we last left off with a New Addition post in April 2011 , Miles and I were dealing with rotten flooring.  The original contractor never bothered to ventilate the effing attic of the garage, giving us a soggy moldy mess of a floor for the addition.  We had to rip it all up, peel out the nasty insulation, and put in new BCIs.

And on and on it goes.  We've had long lulls in progress over the last year, mostly due to the unavailability of funds, but things have been progressing much more rapidly over the last few months!  Not without the usual contractual faux pas, of course.  The latest being that our finishers like to disappear for days or weeks on end without any communication AND when they sanded the drywall last week, they didn't bother to put up a visqueen barrier between the addition and the existing house.  I came home on Wednesday to a house covered in white drywall powder.  Everything, EVER-Y-THING in our main house is under a blanket of white.  Behold:
The electronics...........are supposed to be BLACK.

I am ready to DISEMBOWEL these two guys!!!  We WILL be hiring a profession post-construction crew to clean this shit up ASAP.....paid for by the finishers.  Coming home yesterday with a new TV, receiver and 2 soundbars helped take the edge off this latest disaster, though!

That aside, we are SO close to being able to move our dinning room stuff into the new living room!  All they have to do now is paint.  I'll be painting the arctic entry myself -cuz I've got mad ideas for color-but the rest is up to them.  Once we have the wood flooring in the new and old parts of the house, we'll make the new addition our living room, the current living room will become the new dinning room, and our downstairs room will be the TV room.  THAT will be one chaotic circus of moving shit!  But I think it will also be fun FINALLY getting this house in order and making it NEW again.

The last few months....

Setting up the interior walls

Willa's construction

Wiring up
MY work!   Overcame my fears of electrocution and hooked up some outlets
Insulation going in.  I will have NO part of this!

Sheet rock!!!  Starting to see glimpses of a finished room!

And, as of yesterday, nearing completion!

Those 2 clowns just rolled into the driveway, so we'll see what today brings!