November 10, 2012

Vancouver, Day 4 "Did you know that rhinoceroses are just big, fat, white trash unicorns?"

Back to Granville Island-this time taking along a fella Alaskan, "J", one of Miles's partners from NYL and a total hoot!  This woman is my kinda gal!  Someone I feel I can be my total self around.  Pointing out waitress's racks, talk of farting in bed, and plotting over a drinkie professional "revenge" on the company snob, she's the shit.
  We had those delish burgers again at Cat's, perused the shops, stopped to partake in a flight at the Granville Brewery, shopped some more...

Scored THESE in a funky little shop!!!!!  Hummingbird skull earrings!  My totem animal!

Sign in the Cat's potty
Boy, oh BOY did I get the evil stink eye from the new age gem shop lady for taking this photo of her magic crystals!  "Disrespectful", it was.  Lady...LIGHTEN UP!!!!  I was in awe of this huge gorgeous cluster!  I took the photo in reverence out of respect for  it's beauty and power! I wasn't stealing it's SOUL!!!!!!  It LIKED me.......Bitch.

Yowza, I'm in LOVE with this piece.  Fabulous pottery to be found on that island!
Flights of fantastic.
Love the glow from this hanging lamp....apparently they sell them in Anchorage!

 It was great getting to know J better.  An afternoon of laughs....

.... that led to an evening of ab busting, sore face making, tee-teeing in your knickers, HILARITY.  When we got back to the hotel room, we just didn't feel like calling it a night yet, but didn't exactly want to go back out wandering in the rain.  Then Miles discovered a text from another of our friends letting us know they scored tickets to a comedy club.  PERFECT!!!!!  We met up at the Mix, ordered libations and snacks and where treated to!  Several local comedians plus 2 headliners.  The big surprise of the night was when the mc announced that the comedian up next was a local mentally ill guy.  The Mix prided itself in hosting folks like this and giving them a voice for their creativity and comedy.  Please go easy on 'em.  Out walks a tall guy fitting that bill who proceeded to be BRILLIANT.  After a couple minutes thinking,"this guy is mentally ill?!?" it dawns on me......"THAT'S THE 7 MINUTE ABS GUY FROM 'SOMETHING ABOUT MARY!!!!!!"....  I'm elbowing a guffawing Miles.  "That's the pee drinking cop from 'Dumb and Dumber!!!!" 

No WAY!!!! We LOVE this guy!!!!!!  Harland Williams!  Mentally ill, my ass!  We're always quoting that guy!  What a fucking TREAT and thrill.  It feels SO FANTASTIC to laugh hard with friends.  I'm so glad those guys invited us along!  And it made me want to make comedy clubin' something we do more often.  Highlight of the trip!

Why, oh, WHY didn't I snap a pic of Harland?