May 20, 2013

The beginning of saying goodbye....

Dylan's Graduation from High School.  It was a surreal experience watching our daughter, and many of her peers that we have watched grow from spunky little kids to emerging adults ready to step out into the world.  It all really hasn't quite sunk in for me yet.

So, then on Saturday, my early morning hissy fit about the 8 inches of snow was assuaged when the plows got out and cleared the roads before noon.  There was quite a bit of melt as well.  Most people showed up throughout the afternoon to celebrate Dylan's graduation and wish her well on her new journey.  It took tremendous effort to keep my emotions in check all day and by the end I was emotionally exhausted.  It was like I could feel this tangible pain in my chest every time a loved one hugged Dylan, wished her well, and said goodbye.  These WONDERFUL people who have loved Dylan and been there for her throughout her life...helping to send her off with love and words of encouragement.  I hope she can feel how truly blessed she is with this motley heard of tender friends.  No one is perfect but we have all been here...with an abundance of care and love.

Does this cake not ROCK!?!?!  Camo in purples?!?!  SO perfectly Dylan!  Kory, you are AMAZABALLS!!!!
A beautiful letter that Willa wrote for Dylan....It made us ALL cry!
Dylan reading Willa's sweet letter

Long-time supporters, Maryanne and Kent.  Friggin' rockstars.

TNT and Gramma

Mary gets a 'waterfall' braid.  Always a wholesome time with the Olssons!

The kids can really rip apart a room.....

Let's have a toast!


Tomorrow, Dylan swears into the air force and we see her off at the airport. 
Yeah.  I'm struggling.......